Admit it! You’ve been considering a beard transplant. You’ve seen Instagram posts about it and you’re close to making the final step. You’ve googled hair restoration clinics in your area and you’ve got a consultation or two lined up.

Whether any of this is true, it’s hard to tell, we are guessing here, but what I’m sure of is that you should read this before you get a beard transplant. It will help you understand what’s happening during the procedure and what to expect after:

1-We’re using your own hair

The most common question about beard transplants is “who’s hair is it?”. Rest assured, it’s yours. We take hair from the donor area (usually the back of the scalp) and implant it into your chin, strategically, so it grows the same and looks the same as the rest of your beard.

We use FUE (follicular unit extraction), which doesn’t leave you with a linear scar.

2. You can shave!

This has got to be the biggest concern our patients have. Yes, you can shape your beard as you want with a transplant, but what happens after? What if you don’t always want your beard to look the same?

You can shave and groom your beard just as it was before. The purpose of a beard transplant is to give you a natural looking beard that grows and behaves the same as normal facial hair.

3. The hair falls out after 2-3 weeks!

When you get a beard transplant, we implant the hair from your donor area into your agreed beard area. This hair will fall out within 2-8 weeks of the procedure, and in 3-6 months you will start growing your beard naturally.

4. It’s proven and it’s popular

In 2012, 4500 Brits (men) got a beard transplant. The success rate is very good and the procedure has been endorsed by celebrities and internet personalities.

We also transplant hair into beard area to cover up old scars.

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