Few of the most common skin conditions which may cause hair loss are as follows

1. Discoid Lupus Erythematosus : This is an autoimmune condition and if it affects the scalp, then it can unfortunately cause permanent hair loss. Patients may first find itchy tiny bumps on scalp that eventually resolve into permanent scarring. If treated early, it may be possible to make the disease dormant or less active, but it can unfortunately reactivate at any time. Hair transplantation may work but only after a dermatology opinion stating that the disease has stopped or has burnt out.

2. Severe scalp infections (Both fungal & bacterial) : Depending on the severity of the infection, hair loss may be of scarring or non-scarring type and again early diagnosis and treatment is very important to reduce the chances of scarring and hair loss.

3. Lichen Planopilaris : This is an autoimmune inflammatory skin condition which can affect the scalp and cause scarring alopecia. Middle aged females are more affected than men. There are often signs of inflammation on the scalp which the patient can experience in the form of itching, burning and shedding of hair. On examination, tiny red bumps can be seen surrounding the hair follicles. Hair transplant may be effective in minority of patients only, but even in them, the transplanted hair can be lost in case the disease reactivates.