Some facts about hair transplant

➥ Hair Transplantation procedures are carried out with your own hair – the transplanted hair grows automatically without any other medical need or special maintenance.

➥ Hair retains the characteristics of the donor area when it is moved to a new location and will continue to grow. This is the concept behind hair transplantation. As an experienced hair surgeon uses only hair from the area of the scalp that is not susceptible to balding, the transplanted hair can last a lifetime.

➥ Not every case of baldness needs hair transplantation. Your physician is best qualified to suggest the appropriate treatment.

➥ The cost of the procedure is most usually calculated with respect to the number of hair grafs that are transplanted. A graft of hair usually contains about 2-3 hair follicies.

What hair transplant can do?

➥ It can cover bald area with natural hair.

➥ Transplanted hair grows like normal hair..

➥ Transplanted hair can be cut and styled like normal hair.

➥ Transplanted hair stays for life.

What hair transplant can not do?

➥ Cannot arrest the natural progression of male or female pattern baldness.

➥ Cannot provide natural hair density in single sitting.